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2019 Insight Meditation Summer Retreat

Registration is open for the 2019 insight meditation summer retreat in Paradise, Utah, which will take place from July 26th to July 28th (3-day option) or July 30th (5-day option). This will be a residential, silent meditation retreat with Susie Harrington in an outdoor setting. Lodging will be either camping or in bunk houses, and sitting meditations will take place under a large shade tree. All are welcome! Please register as soon as possible as space is limited. Registration closes July 10th. Click for more information!


2020 Insight Meditation Winter Retreat

The theme of this retreat is "Freeing Ourselves, Freeing the world: An exploration of the four noble truths." Registration is open to the 2020 winter retreat that will happen on January 3-5. It will be a three day, non-residential, silent retreat with Susie Harrington, to take place at the Bear River Charter School, 75 S 400 W, in Logan, UT. Registration is done entirely online. Registration fees cover the operating expense of the retreat (e.g., building rental, travel expenses of the teacher). Dana for the teacher is extra. Participants must pay in advance. All are welcome! --Please register as soon as possible, space is limited and registration closes December 29th, 2019.


2023 Insight Meditation Summer Retreat

Join Sam for another magical retreat in nature with the exploration of “What do we take refuge in?” What leads to freedom from suffering? What is freedom, and what is suffering? We will explore these questions through Metta and Elements practices and hold noble silence during retreat time, except for short periods for questions from students and optional 20-minute talking periods after dinners.